• True tales of women getting what they want

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    Dynasti Hunt

    On prioritizing her time for passion projects

    Reading Lean In inspired Dynasti to step back and audit her life. She took inventory of how she was spending her time and energy and in that exercise, she came to recognize that many of the activities and people she was committing to were already very important to her. Dynasti was able to solidify her true passions and feel confident that she could create the space and time needed to pursue all her passions. One example of this is how Dynasti has successfully balanced her career as a VP of Talent at a non profit with her passion for fitness. As a part-time fitness instructor and advocate for diverse women owning their careers in meaningful ways, she works on coaching women through pivotal changes to create their own seat at the table, in all aspects of their lives.

    Maria Bailey

    On inspiring change through coaching

    Maria Bailey's love for serving others shines through with her coaching business, where she's helping professionals find their voice and purpose. Her coaching sessions help these professionals rediscover their passions, identify goals, inspire change, and broaden perspectives. She's especially proud of being able to reach the under represented, such as women of color and the LGBTQ communities. Coaching others has also allowed Maria to hone her own purpose and focus on personal growth- a happy outcome of her business.

    Ritika Pandita

    On impacting the world through social change

    Ritika's passionate about affecting positive social change and supporting women. She's found ways to impact her circle of friends, family and the greater community through her volunteer work with Narika- a non profit helping domestic violence victims- as well as her role on the Lean In SF leadership team. She'd like to further her reach by exploring grad school next, allowing her to empower more women and expand her social impact.

    Konul Kalantarov and Aylan Aghamaliyeva

    On founding a purpose-driven company

    United by a shared passion for organic products and inspired by their own holistic upbringings in post-Soviet Azerbaijan, friends Aylan and Konul quit their day jobs to found Ecofrenzee, a company dedicated to environmentally conscious skincare products. Creating a new brand that goes against traditional consumer expectations isn't without its challenges, but Aylan and Konul are driven by their mission.

    Claudia Villanueva

    On changing cities

    Two years ago, Claudia didn't know a single soul when she moved to San Francisco from Texas. Motivated by twin intentions of furthering her career and pushing herself to leave her comfort zone, she has since created strong friendships and advanced professionally.

    Emma Porteus

    On imposter syndrome

    Although she works in sales, Emma didn't see herself as having the ability to confidently control a room. After founding Women of the 415 and pushing herself to give executive presentations at work, Emma confidently owns her success, in and out of work.

    Megan Kearns

    On hard conversations

    An MBA candidate at the Yale School of Management, Megan has a background in international development. Having most recently run business analytics and special projects for a social enterprise in Uganda, she engaged in - sometimes uncomfortable - discussions across cultures about differing assumptions regarding men and women's roles in business and society.

    Marie Perruchet

    On reinvention

    Marie is a book author, marketer and storyteller who reinvented her career as a journalist, moving from Europe, to India and then to China. Ultimately landing in the USA, she helps women and men find their stories just as she found hers.

    Mary Fox

    On taking a leap of faith

    After moving to San Francisco in 2015 to join a Series A startup, Mary realized she was being undervalued, and underpaid. Seeing that things weren't going to change even after advocating for herself, Mary gave notice and started building a consulting practice for early-stage companies. She ultimately joined a fast-growing startup FR8Star as one of their first employees. Less than a year after taking that initial leap of faith, she's now heading up their product marketing.

    Megan Lum

    On being direct

    Megan was fresh at a new job when she told her boss about her career goals of managing an HR team and ultimately becoming a VP. When her boss left the company a few months later, she was tapped for the open management role.

    Gail Odom

    On chasing a dream

    Gail has been making photographs for over 40 years. Finding her way to Santa Fe, NM by way of several photographic workshops, Gail is preparing to sell her home in the Bay Area and make a new life as an artist in the high desert.

    Amy Gragnolati

    On making a difference

    Reading about Syrian refugees' difficulties upon arrival in the US, Amy saw an opportunity to fund their transportation needs. Through a fundraiser and federal grant, Amy and her husband raised over $12,000 for resettlement agency World Relief in Sacramento, CA, learning firsthand about the big impact of small actions.